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浏览器+播放器: Songbird 1.0 正式版发布

songbird_logo.jpgSongbird 一款集浏览器为一体的播放器,有 Windows、Linux、MAC 相应的版本。Songbird 很 iTunes 的风格,但并不是一成不变地照抄 iTunes ,Songbird 对歌曲优秀的管理功能是它的最大的一个亮点,如果你有一个庞大的媒体库,用 Songbird 你可以很快地找到你想要播放的歌。官方还提供了一个庞大的插件库和皮肤库,你可以很轻松地打造一个十分个性化的播放器。现在 Songbird 已经发布了它的标志性的 1.0 版本。

Songbird 1.0 新的特性:

We now use GStreamer as our main media playback system, across all platforms – giving us higher performance, better reliability, and a platform for much more media-related functionality in the future.

mashTapeImproved mashTape
When you listen to music in Songbird you’ll have the option to see Flickr photos, YouTube videos, last.fm biographies, google news (and more) for the currently playing artist. mashTape has been completely re-written from the ground up to be more extensible and flexible than ever.

Improved Album Art SupportImproved Album Art Support
The album artwork feature now supports drag and drop of images, as well as, toggling between Now Playing and Currently Selected tracks.

Complete Keyboard ShortcutsComplete Keyboard Shortcuts
We’ve cleaned up our Keyboard Shortcuts this release (and added some new ones for power users). Look for the link to a complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts in the applications Help menu.

Updated Linux InstallerUpdated Linux Installer
We’ve created a single archive that has all the necessary dependencies so that Linux users can run Songbird without having to install any additional dependencies.

Re-usable Smart PlaylistsRe-usable Smart Playlists
By popular request we’ve implemented the ability to use a smart playlist as a rule within another smart playlist.

Reveal Original FilesReveal Original Files
We’ve added the ability to expose the media items in Songbird as files in your filesystem by right clicking and choosing “Show File”.

Recommended Add-ons UpdaterRecommended Add-ons Updater
A new update mechanism ensures that all upgraded users have an option to install the latest Recommended Add-ons. You can turn this feature on/off in the Preferences.

Hide/Show Display PanesHide & Show Display Panes
We were inspired by Atrieu’s Pane Button add-on and decided to add a few buttons to allow you to toggle between showing & hiding Display panes.

Simpler Column HeadingsSimpler Column Headings
We’ve refined the column heading property list and made it easier to enable the properties you care about. Just right click on any column heading in a library or playlist to give it a try.

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