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Fabric industry: brand building needs "a fresh"

More and more fabric enterprises have established their own industry status through "one recruit" and won the reputation and brand value.
In a large number of practical experience in the industry, it seems that the "brand building" of the fabric enterprises, more ground to the ground is not as "a good word of mouth", and more specific is a field that has a sound product series, or a representative, the only one of the innovative technology. For example, when it comes to Tian Si, he thinks of Lan Jing. When he speaks of shose, he thinks of Haixing technology. When it comes to jacquard fabrics, he thinks of textile. More and more fabric enterprises have established their own industry status through "one recruit" and won the reputation and brand value.
Local enterprises: a pivot to win the vast world
For Jiangsu, the "one step process of different shrinkage and mixed filaments industrialization and technology and application project" is undoubtedly the "one recruit" of the enterprise. At the end of 2011, the first step of the one-step technology and application project of the one step shrinkage mixed fiber industry and application project was awarded the first prize of the China Textile Industry Federation of science and technology. The main unit of the project, Jiangsu silk fiber Polytron Technologies Inc, has also attracted wide attention from the industry.
One of the most direct benefits to the market is the increase in production and cost reduction. From 2008 to 2012, he invested 67 million 650 thousand yuan in R & D funds. Recently, the second generation of silk fabrics produced by one step method has been noticed again by the company. Sun Derong, general manager of the company, said that this fabric is their latest research and development, and there are no second in the market at present. He said that his strategy of product development is to take the road of differentiation and always take the lead.
At present, the annual output of 50 thousand grams is 6, and the smallest 15D is 200D. According to the introduction, the company is also working with the Donghua University, in a year and a half of the trial to reach 8 times, the smooth, the new product line will be run in the second half of this year and put into mass production. Sun Derong said, at present, the flame retardancy and antibacterial properties of the products are not problems. Next, we will further tackle the problem in terms of strength.
Since its establishment, Jiangyin Hengliang Textile Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and marketing of knitted denim fabrics and indigo cheese yarn. The company carries out one dragon management and production for the dyeing, weaving and finishing of knitted cowboy. It has become the leader of the global knitted cowboy industry, the national key production supplier and new product research and development base.
"Technological innovation on the basis of the traditional woven fabric of cowboy fabric is not only reserved for the ever-changing water washing characteristics of the cowboy, but also makes the knitted cowboy fabric such a new fabric with high elastic, breathable and comfortable performance advantages." Hong Liang, general manager of Heng Liang textile, said. Through its unique technological innovation, Heng Liang knit knitted cowboy fabric makes a comprehensive use of printing and finishing technology, breaking through the tradition, showing a strong impact of the visual and tactile effect. At present, Heng Liang focuses on the development of environment-friendly vulcanized colored knitted denim fabrics, so that knitted cowboys are also bright.
It is understood that at present, a customer of constant brightness has 1 million orders of trousers every month, involving all kinds of colors. Hong said that the sales volume of the company in 2012 amounted to 150 million yuan, and domestic customers including Muse bond, exception accounted for 40% of the total sales.
After the appraisal of China's popular fabric Review Committee, Guangdong Jianye textile has once again become the "2014 spring and summer Chinese popular fabric entry enterprise". As the first supplier of "national pattern design and fashion fabric development base" and the first supplier of "fast fashion fabric" in China, it has not only provided the domestic clothing brand customers with the European fashion trend, but also the international major fast fashion clothing brand. For a variety of fast fashion fabrics.
"Fast" and "fashion" become synonymous with Jianye textile. Last year, sales of hundreds of millions of Yuan made Jianye the winner in the turbulent market. It is understood that at present, the sales of Jianye accounted for 50%~60%, and most of them were dyed products, while lace and embroidery products were sold well in China. In addition, the sewage treatment of Jianye is in strict accordance with the requirements of the government, recycling and so on.
Foreign enterprise marching: "focus" makes its position stable
As a representative product of Austria Lan Jing group, Tencel and Model have been constantly innovating and improving. In recent years, with the gradual expansion of product applications, sustainable development of environmental protection has become an important theme of every new act of Lan Jing. Not only does it focus on environmental protection from all product lines, but also strictly abide by the principles of energy saving and consumption reduction, so as to lead the textile fashion trend. Just because he has grasped the direction of research and development that never outdated, the development of Lan Jing has never stopped. Chen Ronghui, general manager of Lan Jing fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that through many years of efforts, the sales of Lan Jing in China has been increasing, the cooperation with Chinese enterprises is more and more deep, the advanced environmental control technology is adopted in the factories in Nanjing, the environmental standards are ahead of the country and the cost of production is reduced, and we hope to give some tribute to the country. Offer.
It is understood that at present, Lenzing Co is stepping up efforts to build the Austria Lan Jing super super silk production line, is expected to be put into operation in 2014. It is reported that the production line will be the largest modern fiber production line in the world after the completion of the production line. The latest professional technology of Lenzing Co and Tencel will be used for the first time in the construction of the silk production line.

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